Not Pinterest Perfect By Christina

Bio: Well hello there! I am Christina and I write about the things I love to do most; eat, cook, and adventure. I love creating new things, I never stick to a recipe, and a good adventure is the sweetest thing in life. Cooking and adventuring are my outlets in this busy world and I share things that will help to win over hearts of friends, families, and strangers. I often/always force my mother to cook with me and my husband and coworkers find themselves being my taste testers. Being Pinterest perfect is just not my thing, so don’t expect my food to look like it just walked out of an art gallery, it is real, home cooked goodness. I hope you enjoy reading my babble and I would love to hear from anyone who tries one of my creations, and I WON’T be upset if you do not follow my recipe. Have fun and adventure on!

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